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Creating Your Perfect Day

A 15000 retreat claims it teaches people like tony robbins how to control their own brain waves

Last month, a man named Tom asked me what I was afraid of. It was an informal conversation. It took place around a fire pit on a back porch in North Carolina. I had met Tom roughly an hour before he posed the question. Several other new acquaintances were present. The question could've been considered inappropriate. A question like that can elicit a very real and sometimes personal response. Tom asked the same question to another man before me. As the conversation moved my direction Tom declared I was under no obligation to answer. We had only known each other an hour and he didn't want to impose. But I insisted. I told him failure. I was afraid of failure. This of course, was a lie.

The Four Pillars of Health


As coaches, we strive for one thing: to make people’s lives better. The vehicle by which we do that is exercise. Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, came up with a popular pictograph that depicted wellness on a spectrum. The extreme ends of the spectrum trended from sickness/death to wellness/fitness. ...

How to Build Muscle


The quest for fitness is fraught with struggle. Although the road is treacherous, most of us have grown accustomed to the speed bumps we encounter along the way. We train, eat, sleep and repeat. All we have to do is keep showing up, right? The nature of our bodies is ...

The Price of Hard Work


Leading up to and during the CrossFit open I was training very hard. The advent of a masters division for adult males 35-40 gave me renewed hope that I might once again find myself competitive in the sport of CrossFit. I handed my training regime over to my Partner Mike, ...

The Top 5 Reasons To Sign Up for the CrossFit Open


The CrossFit open is officially here. The first workout will be released this Thursday. Athletes all over the world will participate in one of the largest community driven sporting events in the history of the human race. The question stands; why in the hell should you sign up and participate? ...

Why I do CrossFit


Lately, I’ve taken to training alone. Mike, my partner, has created a 10 week long program designed to help me prepare for the upcoming CrossFit open. With the advent of a category for 35-40 year olds, we’re hoping I’ll have a fighting chance at making it to regionals. Qualifying to ...

Why I Cool Down


After exiting active duty service, it was assessed that I had severe post traumatic stress. The diagnosis was so grimm, the government considers me disabled. I was appointed a therapist by the Department of Veterans Affairs. My friends and family all applauded the diagnosis. They believed talking to a professional ...

The Story Behind "Murph"

5 defining moments of murph the most brutal crossfit hero wod 01

On June 28, 2005, four Navy SEALs on a reconnaissance mission in the Kunar province of Afghanistan were ambushed by an overwhelming Taliban force. Team leader Lt. Michael Murphy, unable to call for help from his location, walked into the center of enemy fire, where his satellite phone might work. ...

Gear for the CrossFit Athlete

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Recently several athletes have approached me with questions about CrossFit gear. Anyone that's been doing CrossFit for more than a few weeks has inevitably collected a small treasure trove of gear, assorted charms, and snake oils to aid them in their journey to fitness. I dove into my own gym ...

Why Do CrossFit


The other day I had a heated debate with my mother about CrossFit. Specifically, why she should be doing it. I’ll preface this by mentioning she is my biggest supporter, therapist, cheerleader, and probably my best friend. Naturally, I’ve tried to preach the good word of CrossFit to her on ...

What to Expect When Starting CrossFit

When picking a CrossFit gym, everyone has a laundry list of things they’d like to see their box equipped with. Naturally, I’ve been approached with questions about what Cigar City CrossFit will offer. Mostly I address the big issues and concerns. How much is a membership, what are your hours, ...

The Beginning of Cigar City CrossFit


Allow Myself to Introduce... Myself Welcome to the Cigar City CrossFit's weekly Blog. This forum is a way for Cigar City CrossFit to share content about exercise, diet, lifestyle, and the general concerns of CrossFit Athletes. I am the head coach and author, Benjamin Bunn, CEO and co-founder. I'll do ...

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