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Want to Make Regionals? Upgrade to Individual Design

E1mqe6sytfua5fl1jfvx If you're interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit, you'll never reach your potential by following a one-size-fits-all program. CompTrain by Ben Bergeron is the most prevalent comp training template out there and we take the time to dissect it and show where it falls short.

Body Image Problems? CrossFit Can Help

N2ly2rbgtr2f9nonsfwr Growing up and playing sport, I never worried about my body image. I was born and raised a tomboy; I never wasted my time on boy bands or celebrities or painting my nails because there were always rocks to pick and sports to play. It’s not that I was blind to pop culture (I loved Christina Aguilera), I guess I just never allowed its messages to resonate in my mind.

Cheatsheet for the CrossFit Open

Gjczpvtbspsnhlcvj6pd Looking to prepare for the CrossFit Open? Here's a cheatsheet for all the stuff you need to know. Use this post a reference.

The Building of a CrossFit Gym

Oibhr85qtdeuo3vhepdh When Ben and I started down the path of wanting to open a CrossFit gym, we knew finding the right location would go far in setting us up for success. Unbeknownst to us, looking for commercial real estate is an arduous and drawn out process. We saw many buildings that ...


The other day I had a heated debate with my mother about CrossFit. Specifically, why she should be doing it. I’ll preface this by mentioning she is my biggest supporter, therapist, cheerleader, and probably my best friend. Naturally, I’ve tried to preach the good word of CrossFit to her on ...

Hello World

8hnceyibqpi0dljjrusk Allow Myself to Introduce... Myself Welcome to the Cigar City CrossFit's weekly Blog. This forum is a way for Cigar City CrossFit to share content about exercise, diet, lifestyle, and the general concerns of CrossFit Athletes. I am the head coach and author, Benjamin Bunn, CEO and co-founder. I'll do ...

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