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The Importance of Water

Water We all know water is important; we’ve been told time and time again. We all also know that our bodies are made up of 55-65% water; this isn’t new information. Water is vital to all bodily functions, including energizing muscles, aiding with digestion, regulating body temperature and lubricating joints.

Body Composition Testing Has Arrived

Ovcza441tp6sjmanx8qt We’ve recently purchased an InBody machine that allows us to accurately measure your body composition. In under a minute, we can tell you your weight, body fat percentage, total lean body mass, your basal metabolic rate and a segmented analysis of where your muscle and fat is distributed. This is a very powerful machine and with it, we’re now able to upgrade your experience and our nutrition prescriptions.

How to Eat for Your Goals

Tl1vjdr02jeilllvifxa You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” This is 100% true. With anything in life, you have to know what your goals are and take action accordingly. For many of us, our goals are a combination of health, aesthetics, and performance. Let's explore what it takes to have success with each goal.

It's Your Diet

Wmebkpsgqwcrxgvsa3po So you heard about this “CrossFit” thing – how it’s all the rage these days and all the cool kids are doing it – that it’s a great way to get in shape. Your friends that do it, that’s all they talk about. You finally decided to give it a ...

Body Image Problems? CrossFit Can Help

N2ly2rbgtr2f9nonsfwr Growing up and playing sport, I never worried about my body image. I was born and raised a tomboy; I never wasted my time on boy bands or celebrities or painting my nails because there were always rocks to pick and sports to play. It’s not that I was blind to pop culture (I loved Christina Aguilera), I guess I just never allowed its messages to resonate in my mind.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Xvjf1bbmswuul7utoisj Confused on what to eat pre and post workout to get the best results? We dive into the science and outline what you should eat.

Insulin, It's Not a Dirty Word

Viu78wpsbstv8b4uea1r Now that we have an understanding of how the body converts glucose into fuel (ATP), let’s zoom out a bit to see how the body regulates our blood sugar throughout the day to ensure we always have the appropriate amount of energy.

Fueling Your Body

D8zoxoj6r0kdquqxnrfb We look into how the cells in our body generate the energy they need in the form of ATP to function.

Nutrition 101: A Primer

Sz4cbhz8rxi9dpppdyba A primer on the basics of nutrition. Covering the role of miconutrients: vitamins, minerals and macronutrients: carbs, fats, and proteins.

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