Community Update

Hello Community!

We’re officially six weeks into the opening of Cigar City CrossFit and Ben and I couldn’t be more happy with the development of our small but growing community. Thank you all for your vote of confidence and your continued effort day in and day out to get better. Our goal is to make Cigar City CrossFit your third place. A place between work and home where you can socialize, make new friends and get into awesome shape.

Some of my favorite highlights over the past few weeks have been:

  • Karen Aponte riding around the victory tricycle.
  • Hero Wod Coe (So. Many. Thrusters)
  • Memorial Day Murph (So. Many. Everythings)
  • Ben being able to do a ring muscle up six months after shoulder surgery
  • Eric Ebuen’s amazing post surgery recovery
  • Every athlete’s hustle, grit and friendliness

The Aerial Dragons

Aerial Dragons photo at Cigar City CrossFit
Aerial Dragons

In an effort to continue to improve our community and add more value to you all, we have a few announcements. We have officially subleased out the back space in the gym to our friends the Aerial Dragons. If you have been wondering why there has been a lonely green silk hanging from the ceiling, now you know.

Jessica Watson and Kaley Gay are the founders. Their office is adjacent to ours. Feel free to pop in and say hi to them! What exactly do the Aerial Dragons do you ask?

In their own words:

Aerial Dragons is a Tampa Bay based performance troupe specializing in silks, lyra, trapeze, and hand balancing. We strive to create theatrical entertainment that mystifies the senses, and transports viewers to another world. Our performers bring charisma, strength, flexibility, and fearlessness into every show. Our troupe is made up of gymnasts, dancers, marathon runners, yoga teachers, and circus performers who all share a passion for aerial art.

You can learn more about the Aerial Dragons from their website:

Six Week New You Challenge

Starting yesterday (June 1st) we have 25 ladies beginning a six week New You Challenge. Ben and I believe fully in the effectiveness and efficacy of CrossFit and we wanted a way to share that with those who could benefit the most from it but needed a more structured program.

Hazzah! The six week challenge was born. There are two class times, one at 6:30am and the other 7pm. As always when you see a new face in the gym, introduce yourself and make them feel welcomed! It can be a bit intimidating being the new kid at school, so a friendly smile or high five can go a long way.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback feel free to pop into our office or shoot us an email: info at cigarcitycrossfit dot com.

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