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Cheatsheet for the CrossFit Open

Gjczpvtbspsnhlcvj6pd Looking to prepare for the CrossFit Open? Here's a cheatsheet for all the stuff you need to know. Use this post a reference.

Strength Requirements for the CrossFit Open

Ujqq6vtsjscxtbnikmwu To be successful at CrossFit, you have to be a three headed monster - you must be strong, skillful and have an aerobic engine that won’t quit. But, for better or worse, many people get fixated on the strength. It’s understandable as to why. Lifting a bunch of weight is not only manly but it’s easy to convey to another person when sizing them up. Here’s a typical conversation between two guys meeting for the first time at the gym.

Training for the CrossFit Open - Skill Volume

1vdwv29ttge1hmzummwq For those interested in the sport of fitness, the CrossFit Open is the first test an athlete must pass. For five weeks, starting on February 23rd one workout will be released per week. The Open workouts are known to be very grueling and their goal is to test an athlete’s work capacity. But, what exactly is work capacity? In laymen’s terms, it’s an athlete’s ability to keep moving, where, ideally, the only limiter on an athlete’s success is their conditioning.

Team Onx Joins Cigar City CrossFit

Izvufp9stwqx0nccvial We’re happy to announce that Onx Weightlifting has joined the Cigar City CrossFit team. Onx, founded by Dan Russell and George Martinez, is a dedicated olympic weightlifting club that focuses on improving athlete’s clean and jerk and snatch lifts.

Why I do CrossFit

Jobsa34pqcajljzr5hap Lately, I’ve taken to training alone. Mike, my partner, has created a 10 week long program designed to help me prepare for the upcoming CrossFit open. With the advent of a category for 35-40 year olds, we’re hoping I’ll have a fighting chance at making it to regionals. Qualifying to ...


Eoulsvngqvmk42iryyrc After exiting active duty service, it was assessed that I had severe post traumatic stress. The diagnosis was so grimm, the government considers me disabled. I was appointed a therapist by the Department of Veterans Affairs. My friends and family all applauded the diagnosis. They believed talking to a professional ...

CrossFit Program Design - Updated

Ich0xobvq1g3l0sarmwf We wrote an article back when we first opened titled CrossFit Programming. In it, we outlined our rationale for why we program the way that we do. We've gone through two complete mesocycles of the program's template which has allowed us to collect and analyze many different data points. Overall, we're happy with the results so far as we have consistently progressed new athletes to intermediate ones and intermediate athletes to advanced ones. We've even had athletes enter CrossFit competitions and take first, second and ninth in their respective divisions. But, we're always looking for ways to tinker with the design to optimize our results. And the time has come to introduce a few new aspects to our program design template which we believe will improve the overall experience.

The Need for Strength in CrossFit

Uov4g8adtm66nv94jf0k CrossFit identifies 10 characteristics of fitness. They are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. While we agree that all of these physical skills are necessary and determinant of overall fitness, biasing your training to increase strength will pay large dividends to your fitness account.

How To Be A CrossFit Regionals Athlete

Qpmrdnwztcwd8bjbd59x So, you want to make it to CrossFit Regionals next year? As a coach and CrossFit gym owner, I hear this comment all the time. First, I want to state for the record that I think this is a great goal. Having a competitive goal can keep the fire in your ...

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Xvjf1bbmswuul7utoisj Confused on what to eat pre and post workout to get the best results? We dive into the science and outline what you should eat.

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