Cheatsheet for the CrossFit Open

In a previous article titled Training for the CrossFit Open - Skills, I laid out the necessary volume an athlete should be prepared to handle during an open workouts.

In another article titled Training for the CrossFit Open - Strength, I outlined just how strong you need to be in order to be a Regionals level athlete.

We've received really good feedback on those articles, however, all the examples I used only factored in data from men's results. I've since gone back and tabulated the data for women as well.  Turns out, the skill volume is about the same between men and women, so for the sake of simplicity I'll keep that table the same.  The strength numbers obviously differ enough that they warrant a table of their own.

To help you prepare, use this post as a reference.  A cheatsheet you can come back to time and again to see how you measure up.






See you at the Open!

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