The Top 5 Reasons To Sign Up for the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit open is officially here. The first workout will be released this Thursday. Athletes all over the world will participate in one of the largest community driven sporting events in the history of the human race. The question stands; why in the hell should you sign up and participate?


You already do this on a daily basis. CossFit is hard. The nature of our training is challenging both mentally and physically. It is like this by design, and CrossFit’s reputation for challenging workouts precedes itself. The open gives you the opportunity to add yet another facet to challenging nature of CrossFit. The communal aspect of the competition, standardized scoring and more specific expectations for your performance will help push you to new limits and ultimately better test your fitness.

Be brave and remind yourself that at one time, you were nervous to try CrossFit, something that is now a regular part of your day. Embrace the opportunity to challenge yourself, push outside your comfort zone and grow as an athlete. Just like always, the coaches and community will be here on the journey with you.


The CorssFit open gives athletes the opportunity to measure their improvement over space and time. We already do this on a micro level on a daily basis. We log times and weights, stack our performance against other athletes in the gym and retest workouts to measure performance.

The open is an opportunity to do the same thing at a worldwide level. Each week your scores will be entered into an online database. You’ll be ranked against all the competitors in your region, and the world. It’s an interesting peek into how the CrossFit community at large is doing, and most athletes are pleasantly surprised by their performance.

For those of you in this for the long haul, the CrossFit open almost always has a repeat workout from the previous year. You’ll get the opportunity to definitvely see your improvement over the period of a year and sometimes years. The difference in performance is stark, and I’ve never met someone who wasn't impressed by their improvement over time.


Not everyone is interested in pitting themselves against the athletes in their own gym, their region and ultimately the world over. But for the athletes with the fire inside them to compete both locally and beyond, this is way to test your sand in a safe competitive environment. Workouts will be judged and scored the same way they would in a normal competition. Workouts will be organized in heats with athletes facing off head to head. This will look and feel like the real thing...and in a lot of is. But at the end of the day, you’ll still be in the walls of your gym surrounded by the people you know and trust.

Even for those not looking to see their enemies driven before them on the field of battle, this is a great opportunity to compete against yourself. Setting goals and seeing them through is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. The finish line is waiting for you, all you have to do is cross it.


The gym hosts all manner of community events. This will be the largest and most involved of the year. Every Friday for over a month the gears will stop turning and everyone in the gym will focus on a workout that gyms and athletes across the world will be doing together. You’ll be able to relate not just to the athlete to the right and left of you, but to athletes from across the globe. Everyone will know the pain that is “17.1” and you’ll be able to look back jokingly and share memories of workouts that tens of thousands suffered through just like you. Everyone from Rich Fronning to my Mom will be doing the same workout, at the same time. It’s both a humbling and exciting experience.

The CrossFit open has taken CrossFit to heights previously unimaginable.  It has made it possible for small business owners across the globe to create places like Cigar City where athletes can congregate together to sweat, laugh and make friends. This community is sacred, and the CrossFit Open is a big part of that. Sign up, participate and be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Self explanatory. We’re holding a draft of all the athletes in the gym. Setting up fight card style showdowns between coaches, athletes and a few of our sister gym owners. We encourage you to bring friends and family to spectate. The next five weeks will be challenging for everyone, but moreover it will be a great time. Athletes, coaches and the community at large will grow closer as we celebrate this special time of the year known as the CrossFit Open. See you on the mats, Athletes.

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