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The 2018 Intramural CrossFit Open

The 2018 CrossFit Open is almost here! For those of you who don’t know, the Open is a five week long fitness party where hundreds of thousands of athletes at CrossFit boxes worldwide participate every year. Technically speaking, The Open is the first stage of competition for athletes that ultimately want to compete in the CrossFit Games (the shit you see on ESPN), but for all of us non-professional athletes, the Open is really just a fun time to workout, banter, and enjoy the camaraderie of a team environment.

The Cigar City CrossFit Games

The Cigar City CrossFit Games will run from July 31st - Aug 5th. The winning man and woman will be crowned the 2017 Fittest Athletes at Cigar City CrossFit. There will be a total of seven events that will challenge you on every aspect within the fitness continuum. Every athlete is encouraged to participate. Workouts will have scaling options, however the workouts are designed to be inclusive in nature. The cost of the event is hard ass work. Cancel your travel plans, we've got a fitness mountain to climb.

The Importance of Individual Programming

If you're interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit, you'll never reach your potential by following a one-size-fits-all program. CompTrain by Ben Bergeron is the most prevalent comp training template out there and we take the time to dissect it and show where it falls short.

The Top 5 Reasons To Sign Up for the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit open is officially here. The first workout will be released this Thursday. Athletes all over the world will participate in one of the largest community driven sporting events in the history of the human race. The question stands; why in the hell should you sign up and participate? ...

Body Image Problems? CrossFit Can Help

Growing up and playing sport, I never worried about my body image. I was born and raised a tomboy; I never wasted my time on boy bands or celebrities or painting my nails because there were always rocks to pick and sports to play. It’s not that I was blind to pop culture (I loved Christina Aguilera), I guess I just never allowed its messages to resonate in my mind.

Cheatsheet for the CrossFit Open

Looking to prepare for the CrossFit Open? Here's a cheatsheet for all the stuff you need to know. Use this post a reference.

Training for the CrossFit Open - Strength

To be successful at CrossFit, you have to be a three headed monster - you must be strong, skillful and have an aerobic engine that won’t quit. But, for better or worse, many people get fixated on the strength. It’s understandable as to why. Lifting a bunch of weight is not only manly but it’s easy to convey to another person when sizing them up. Here’s a typical conversation between two guys meeting for the first time at the gym.

Why I do CrossFit

Lately, I’ve taken to training alone. Mike, my partner, has created a 10 week long program designed to help me prepare for the upcoming CrossFit open. With the advent of a category for 35-40 year olds, we’re hoping I’ll have a fighting chance at making it to regionals. Qualifying to ...

How To Be A CrossFit Regionals Athlete

So, you want to make it to CrossFit Regionals next year? As a coach and CrossFit gym owner, I hear this comment all the time. First, I want to state for the record that I think this is a great goal. Having a competitive goal can keep the fire in your ...

Community Update

Hello Community! We’re officially six weeks into the opening of Cigar City CrossFit and Ben and I couldn’t be more happy with the development of our small but growing community. Thank you all for your vote of confidence and your continued effort day in and day out to get better. ...

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