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Does Xendurance's Extreme Endurance Work

Extreme Endurance is a supplement that is popular in the endurance and CrossFit communities. The supplement claims to be able to reduce lactic acid and muscle soreness after high intensity intensity exercise as well as increase overall aerobic capacity. We recruited 14 of our own athletes to participate in a 10 day long study, testing whether Extreme Endurance does in fact make a measurable difference.

Want to Get Stronger? Think Movement Patterns Not Body Parts

All of us want to get stronger. Whether we're CrossFitters, powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters or just someone trying to live long and prosper, adding muscle mass to our frames is important. In fact, lean body mass is one of the most important variables in predicting longevity as we age . And, ...

5 Tips to Improve Recovery During the CrossFit Open

With the CrossFit Open in progress, each week brings a new workout intended to test your body’s capabilities—a mix of high volume and high intensity, which is a recipe for extreme post-workout soreness. As you hobble around over the weekend, you may ask yourself why you chose to torture yourself, but more importantly what the heck you can do to help alleviate your muscle soreness.

Fitness Should Not Be Punishment

There is a disturbing trend within the fitness community that has gained momentum over the last ten years. More and more, people’s mindsets around fitness are changing to view working out as punishment. People not only expect but want to be beat up from their workouts. In describing a workout to a friend, the terms used makes it sound like you just escaped a war zone.

How To Improve Your Aerobic System

This article is a two part series. Read part one here: If you’re looking to improve your conditioning, your priority should be on training your aerobic system. Not only is your aerobic system the most susceptible to training improvements, but as your aerobic system becomes more powerful, it improves ...

Build Your Aerobic Base to Get More Fit

A vital component of fitness is your conditioning level. Conditioning is important because it allows you to go - and keep going. Many of us like CrossFit training because it gives us balanced fitness. We can lift heavy things, we can run fast and long and we have an overall toned, athletic physique.

How to Build Muscle

The quest for fitness is fraught with struggle. Although the road is treacherous, most of us have grown accustomed to the speed bumps we encounter along the way. We train, eat, sleep and repeat. All we have to do is keep showing up, right? The nature of our bodies is ...

The Importance of Individual Programming

If you're interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit, you'll never reach your potential by following a one-size-fits-all program. CompTrain by Ben Bergeron is the most prevalent comp training template out there and we take the time to dissect it and show where it falls short.

Cheatsheet for the CrossFit Open

Looking to prepare for the CrossFit Open? Here's a cheatsheet for all the stuff you need to know. Use this post a reference.

Training for the CrossFit Open - Strength

To be successful at CrossFit, you have to be a three headed monster - you must be strong, skillful and have an aerobic engine that won’t quit. But, for better or worse, many people get fixated on the strength. It’s understandable as to why. Lifting a bunch of weight is not only manly but it’s easy to convey to another person when sizing them up. Here’s a typical conversation between two guys meeting for the first time at the gym.

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