CrossFit Academy

Teaching you the foundations of CrossFit

What You Get

CrossFit is an awesome way to get and stay in shape. Part of its fun and effectiveness comes from its variety. That being said, we need to teach you all the different movements, technique and jargon so you can be both safe and comfortable once you join group classes.

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Whiteboard Talks

Each session starts with a talk covering topics such as CrossFit methodology, nutrition, recovery and more. Our goal is to teach you to fish, so you'll know how to get the most from your workouts and the results you want.

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Technique Work

We teach you the foundational barbell lifts like the clean, snatch, squat and deadlift. We also cover gymnastic and plyometric movements as well. You'll never be in the dark on how to perform a movement correctly.

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Sweat Session

It's not all instruction. We take the movements just learned and combine them in different workout formats you can expect to see when training within the group class. Each workout will be scaled specifically for you.

Noelle's Academy Experience

The CrossFit Academy is AMAZING! My co-worker was always raving about CrossFit but after checking it out online I thought there was no way I could do it. She encouraged me to check out Cigar City CrossFit. The coaches and other members made me feel super comfortable so I decided to try the Academy.

Oh man! THANK YOU coach Mike for taking the time to really make sure I learned the movements. I struggled with the clean and jerk for a long time but finally got it. I am forever grateful to the coaches of Cigar City CrossFit for their continuous dedication to helping me become the best athlete I can be. And with them, I feel like I've joined a family, not just another gym!!!


CrossFit Academy

  • 5x Sessions
  • 1on1 with a Coach
  • 60 minutes each
  • InBody Scan
  • Tailored Nutrition Plan
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