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Why CrossFit Classes

CrossFit classes are an awesome way to get and stay in shape. Unlike other group training models where you only do one activity like cycling or yoga, CrossFit keeps you excited about working out by having constantly varied workouts that incorporate elements of cardio, weight training and gymnastics. Some might think CrossFit is dangerous or done only by extremely fit people. Not so. We have athletes of all abilities and ages and they are able to workout together because our coaches are able to scale the workouts to meet each athlete's need. So, if you're looking for a fun and community orientated way to stay in shape, this is the ticket for you!

No Sweat Intro

Schedule a no sweat intro with a coach to discuss your goals, prior training, any injuries, availability and answer any of your questions.

CrossFit Academy

All new athletes complete 4x 1on1 60 minute sessions with a coach before joining group programming. We teach you the what, why and how of CrossFit so you're setup for success.

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CrossFit Classes

Classes are available throughout the day. Each class includes strength training, skill development and aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

crossfit class success story - steve

Steve's Success Story

Cigar City CrossFit is my favorite place to be. I've worked out at a few other CrossFit gyms before and I can say hands down this has been my best experience. From the facility, the coaches, programming and other members, I've really found my home away from home. In just five months, I've added 10lbs of muscle and increased my lifts across the board by 20%. My deadlift is at 465lbs, my back squats at 375lbs and my Fran time is below 4 minutes. Working out with the Cigar City CrossFit team is the best part of my day. If you're on the fence, don't be, jump right in, it's the best decision I've made in a long time.

crossfit class success story - grey

Grey's Success Story

I wanted to try CrossFit but I was always too intimidated to just jump in. But, I worked up the courage and dropped into a Saturday class. I was hooked. Ben and Mike really focus on education and go out of their way to make sure every athlete performs safely and to the best of their individual ability. Pair that with being pushed to your max in a fun and accepting environment and you've got CrossFit gold!

crossfit class success story - danny

Brandon's Success Story

This is really a fantastic CrossFit gym. They have a huge space, and the coaches are incredible. I joined - and recommend - a 6-week CrossFit program, and it was much different from any type of workout I've done. I'm excited to be a full-time member and keep getting better. I have traveled and gone to a few other places, but I'm always glad to come to my home gym.


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