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Why Personal Training

Personal training has been a staple of the fitness industry simply because it works. If you struggle with accountability or need help with mastering technique, personal training is the route for you. As a personal training athlete, you can expect the undivided attention of a coach as he or she guides you through a workout plan that is tailored to achieve your specific goals. We measure everything, so there is no guessing at whether or not you're getting the results you desire.

No Sweat Intro

Schedule a no sweat intro with a coach to discuss your goals, prior training, any injuries, availability and answer any of your questions.


We combine body composition measurements, a movement screen and a physical assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses and intial starting point.

Program Design

Based off the initial testing, we build a custom workout program. Everything is tracked and measured so we know empirically how you are progressing towards your goals.

Stephanie's Success Story

personal training success story

In my past experiences with personal trainers - and I've had at least five over 25+ years of exercising regularly - the best ones showed up on time and were likable people who provided me with a challenging workout.

I never realized that this was a pretty low bar to set until working with Michael Verdi recently for a six week personal training session.

I decided to move to personal training at Cigar City for the same reasons I have in the past: I was stuck in an exercise rut, and had goals I wasn't sure how to achieve on my own.

Michael immediately differentiated himself from all my former trainers because he started with a lengthy consult where he really listened to my goals, and planned my program around them. He also took nutrition very seriously, and held me accountable to my dietary needs as part of reaching my larger goal. Michael is an immensely likable and funny guy, and I enjoyed chatting with him between sets.

But more importantly, he pushed me past what I thought I would ever be able to achieve with a barbell, and he did it knowledgeably and safely. Michael is an exercise science geek and brings a wealth of education and experience with him in programming workouts, but he's able to explain that science in a way that makes sense for us humanities majors. If you find yourself at all frustrated in achieving your fitness goals and want to see progress, I recommend you talk to Michael and get on board with the personal training. It is worth every penny.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each client


All sessions are available in 30 or 60 minute blocks

60min = $70 per hr / 30min = $40

Discount available for 12 and 18 pack purchases

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