Food Supplements and Gear we love

Tasty Eats

restaurants and products we like to nosh on

Fresh Kitchen

Our favorite restaurant. Just go.

So Fresh

Quick serve wraps, salads, bowls.

Fitlife Foods

Meal prep done right.

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Swami Juice Co

Bomb Acai Bowls


supercharge your whole foods diet with these items


Good ass whey protein


Good ass vegan protein

Vitamin D3

Because you're not in the sun enough


Because you're eating too many Omega-6 Fats


every craftsman needs the right tools

Speed Ropes

Your double unders will thank you

Knee Sleeves

Compression + blood flow = better recovery

Wrist Wraps

Thrusters, pullups, handstands. Enough said.

Blender Bottle

Makes mixing powders too easy.

Oly Shoes

Increased stability, increases 1RMs

CrossFit Shoes

Reebok Nanos or Nike MetCons

Hand Salve

Recover faster from rips


Ain't nobody got time for ripped hands

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