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Anatomy of a CrossFit Workout

What exactly is a typical CrossFit workout like? Well, the answer is a bit of a moving target as one of the main ingredients to our training is variety. We take the best elements of various disciplines and we combine them in unique and interesting ways every day to create workouts that test all aspects of your fitness. By training CrossFit, you'll develop a strong, athletic build that is both capable and healthy, all while having fun along the way.

But, there are reoccuring elements you will see when training at Cigar City CrossFit. These elements include strength training, conditioning, skill development and mobility. We focus on big, compound lifts like the squat, deadlift and presses to get strong. Our conditioning is a mix of movements and intensities similar to circuit style training. We also work on improving various skills. By creating a learning environment, you're constantly challenged, which keeps you engaged and wanting to train more and more! Finally, mobility. If you can't move pain-free, you have to wonder if you're even heathly. We spend time every session making sure we have full, healthy range of motion.

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Strength Training

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Skill Development

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Sample Workouts

Actual workouts we do in the gym // Workouts are all scalable to fit each athlete's ability // 90% of our athletes scale

Str/Skill + Conditioning

Here is a typical workout where we warmup, do some strength work and then finish with a hard aerobic interval piece. On another day, we'd work a skill like double unders, kipping pull ups, or oly technique.

Warmup + Mobility

3x Rounds
8x Deadlifts
8x Push Press
8x Kipping Pull-Ups

Hip Mobility: Runner's Lunge/Frog/Pigeon
*hold each for 1 min before switching


Back Squat: 3x8-10, 30X1, rest 2-3 minutes


5min Amrap
15x Wall Balls 24/20
20x Kettlebell Swings 53/35
30x Double Unders

*rest 2min, repeat 3x times
*Gear 3 - Hard, but consistent

Partner Workout

We love doing partner workouts. You really get to know someone when you're sweating together. Oh, and they push you to work harder and they're fun!

Warmup + Mobility

For 6 Minutes
Row/Run 250m/200m
10x Air Squats
10x Push-Ups

Shoulder Mobility: Banded int/ext rotation
*20x reps each arm


For Time: In Teams of Two
55x Deadlifts 155/105
55x Cal Row
55x Wall Balls 24/20
55x Handstand Push-Ups

*split the work, only one partner working at a time
*Gear 4 - Very hard, recover during rest

Benchmark Workout

About once a month we complete a test workout. These workouts have names like Fran, Cindy, Helen etc. We test so we can see empirically if we're getting better. No guessing!

Warmup + Mobility

Run 400m
12x Ab Mat Situps
8x Kettlebell Swings
4x Kipping Pull-Ups

P-Chain Mobility:
2x Rds
10x Single Leg Glute Bridges
10x Supermans
Dancer Stretch: Hold for 90sec each side


Nancy - 5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15x Overhead Squats 95/65

*It's a test, push yourself

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